Dear Christian Sisters and Brothers,

When I said the COVID-19 virus and the consequences would be day to day I didn’t realize that was prophetic. It is now almost minute to minute change as to our surroundings and thus our personal circumstances.

I will be sending a letter out each day in the morning. Each daily letter will contain a few bullet points on COVID-19 cautions and how that will affect our operations and ministries here at Trinity UMC.

  • Funerals: As per CDC we will only allow 10 people at a funeral. Those 10 will be asked to practice social distancing if they do not live in the same household. It will be my recommendation to the family to have a memorial service after the virus threat goes away. Today that looks to be about July or August. Many of the United Methodist Church Conferences have mandated the 10 person rule although the Iowa Conference has not at this point.


  • I am beginning plans for an outdoor service on Easter morning. The staff will try to make that happen. It is almost certain that we will not have any of the currently planned events on Easter Morning.


  • The Administrative Council meeting next Monday evening will be held as a video conference using ZOOM conferencing. Anyone other than the council members that wants to attend are asked to call the office and we will send out instructions for joining the meeting.


  • Holly will be sending out instructions for giving your tithes and offerings. This is critical to keep our doors open, our missions running, the interior cleaned, the office running, and the professional staff on board. Without your continued giving we will need to consider some very hard questions as who gets paid and what we pay.  


  • Please be safe and if you need anything please call the church office or me at:  540-718-9332.

In His Love,
Pastor Tom