April 9, 2020

Here are a few:  Ideas to Live By . . . .

  • Want a good family viewing movie? Search the movies on Christian Cinema.com . It’s a change-up from Zombie and CSI stuff to something that might just move a heart closer to God in this Holy Week.


  • Participate in our Five Friends program. Ross is looking for volunteers to call five church members during the week, that’s one per day, to keep in touch and in love one with the other. Call Ross for names and numbers at:319-331-7541.You just may meet a new friend!The response to this has been nothing but heart warming for those that are doing this.


  • Wipe down your groceries before putting them away. Especially wipe down the groceries going into the refrigerator. Remember, refrigerators in the lab are where viruses are cultured and multiplied.

This is holy week. That means the Last Supper, Gethsemane, trial, crucifixion, and Easter.

That means hope. Just in time!
In case you thought everything in the world had been closed up, shut down, turned off, or quarantined, you should know that some things have not been canceled.
            The Tomb hasn’t been re-filled.
            The resurrection hasn’t been canceled.
            Love hasn’t been quarantined.
            Helping your neighbor has not been forbidden.
Inspiration, creativity, laughter, music, prayer and joy are contagions you can spread. The beauty of the earth as it begins to explode with beauty, the deepness of a touching poem, the thrill of a great book, the elevation of the soul with a noble thought, Zoom dinners, neighborhood walks, the freedom to extend telephone calls with love ones, and the beauty of sunrises and sunsets area all encouraged by the CDC.
Some things have not changed:
            We are still NOT in control.
            Courage still trumps fear.
            Birds still sing of the new day.
            New lives keep being born.
            Nurses, and teachers, and doctors, and check out people are still heroes.
This season will pass.
So this Thursday join us for Holy Thursday service online.
This Friday join us for Good Friday services online.
This Sunday join us for EASTER online.
Go to: TrinityWaverly.org  to share the Holy Week account.  Make comments. Invite your friends. Join the chat and make comments. Ask for prayer. Offer prayer. Find someone that week you can help. Feel the hope. Spread the love.
Be the HOPE!
In His Love,
Pastor Tom