A Few Very Important Things:
Several people have asked “who the devil is writing the Trinity Connector?” Full disclosure – it’s me (LOL) Pastor Tom.

I have asked for nine months who will volunteer to be in a praise band. A few have volunteered. We need more than a few. If you did volunteer please write me an email at pasturtom@revbarnard.net and let me know that you are still interested and what instrument you play or what vocal range do you sin(g) in.

This is the last call for volunteers from Trinity for the praise band. We must launch this team and get ready for the new worship service. Next week I will begin to advertise in the community for the following position needs if I don’t receive the response I hope for from this letter. By the way, if you know of a musically talented person who should be on the praise team please pass that person’s name to me and I will call them. Thank you in advance

Members Needed: Worship Leader(s), guitar players, drummers, singers, keyboard player(s), video and audio team members, music librarian/chart procurement

The upgrade to the altar area should be a wonderful place to worship with a praise band. The area will be open with great sound, instrument hookups, and lighting. Both the Traditional Worship and the Contemporary Worship services should see an incredible improvement in the altar workspace. The current space is beautiful and the new space will be equally as beautiful with much of the current furniture still being there but rearranged.

I look forward to filling the praise band with Trinity people!

Pastor Tom