Trinity Connector
June 4, 2020
From the Pastor’s Desk
Ideas To Live By . . . . .

  • Be careful! If you are in a high risk group for COVID19. Please do not let your guard down. Be vigilant in your masking, going into stores at ‘set aside’ times, handwashing, handshaking, and hugging. The grandkids understand why grandma and grandpa can’t hug for a little while.
  • Don’t become sarcastic or build an immunity to what is going on around the country regarding race and racial tensions. Remember, you are God’s children and your color was given you by God. Others are just as proud of their color as you are of yours. You are no more valuable than anyone else.
  • Pray for criminal acts to cease and random acts of love to increase exponentially.

Yes, we still live in a society where some lives are considered less valuable than others. Often those that are looked upon as ‘expendable’ suffer at the hands of authority disproportionately to those that have the “right” race, the “right” education, the “right”. . . . . Those “right” things vary from country to country depending on the majority or the most powerful.

We are followers of Jesus Christ but we ask ourselves what is the proper response. In my time here at Trinity, I have answered that question from the pulpit many times. There is only one response and that is to repent. The prophet Jeremiah repented for the nation until finally the nation turned to God and repented.   The very existence of injustice is a stark reminder to us that we have not yet done enough to root it out and destroy it. For that we must repent and act as God would have us act in our lives. It begins with us (that is you and me.)

An important part of repentance is taking time to reflect. As Jeremiah grieved for the sins of his people we also need to grieve for the sins of our people. No, we personally may not have done deeds of injustice or caused others agony but as God’s people we are to call out to God for repentance for the soul of the country as Jeremiah did.           
                                                                                                                      –   Pastor Tom

 This Sunday, June 7, we will have church either inside or outside. If the weather is good, as it is forecasted to be, we will have church outside. So, bring your lawn chairs, your mask (we will have extras), and come enjoy God’s word in the cool air of the mid-morning sun. Service will be 9:30 AM rain or shine. If we are indoors in the sanctuary we will only be able to allow 90 to attend. Please call Holly in the church office to reserve your spot.  By the way, last week we had 70 in worship outside.

Latest Bremer County COVID19 statistics as of 6-1-20:
            Confirmed Cases (total)          69
             Of the 69 total 31 were in long term care
             Deaths (total)                          6
            Confirmed Recovered             60
            Current Cases                          6
Volunteers Needed
There is a huge need for volunteers for packing food boxes for students. The time that the boxes are packed is Monday morning. Sign up at