Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I usually give my article and attachments to Holly. She than edits them, takes out all the unnecessary commas, adds a cartoon and further dresses up my vanilla letter. Well, Holly is now the Business Manager and Jennifer Bupp is our new Administrative Assistant. Neither of them are in right now. And, it is now that I want to get this communication out to you. So, please put up with just words and no pictures. I will try to be short but give you some critical information.

Attached is the announcement sheet that was handed out during Sunday Worship. On it is a snapshot of our current finances, birthdays, anniversaries, and other announcments. Please look this sheet over carefully and if you have any question please let me know.

Tonight is the Administrative Council meeting for July. We will be perfecting the first full budget that Trinity has had for a number of years that was formed organiclly. In other words the budget came from ministries (formally called committees), was compiled by the Finance Ministry, and is now going to the Administrative Council for perfecting and approval. This budget will be for the reminder of 2020. We will form a new budget for 2021 starting in late August. Maybe by that time we will have a clue as to whether a vacccine will be availavble so we can return to some kind of ‘old’ normalicy in the country and here at Trinity.

It is my hope that tonight the Administrative Council will approve an expenditure of about $16,000 for upgrades to sound, lights, and video for our sanctuary. That would mean that we might be able to hear and see what is happening in the front. The trustees have done an outstanding job in getting quotes for this work and are to be commended. We have yet to get an acceptable quote to update the altar area but continue to work on more possibilities.

Your staff here at church is truely at work here at Trinity. Worship outside for the past eight weeks has been wonderful. It has been Holy Spirit filled with a great feeling of joy and comfort that we are able to worship. We will continue to worship outside if the weather allows. If we can not worship outside we have plans for proper social distancing in the sanctuary. You may not get to sit in ‘your seat’ but there will be a seat for you in God’s house.

VBS was completed on Friday of last week. The Education Ministry and Ross did a great job of bringing about 35 children to backyards throughout Waverly and teaching them about God. Way to go you firey furnace team!

Holly is in the process of learning the business of Trinity. We will be switching to cloud based internet driven accounting this fall so Holly is scrambling to get ready for that major changeover. Our new Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Bupp, is settling in great with her job and with the staff. I feel you have a great team here at Trinity working for you and for His kingdom.

Most importantly I am delighted with the work of all the Ministries that have been formed here at Trinity. So many have stepped forward and said, “Here I Am, Send Me”. If you are not involved please get with me and we will look at your gifts, where you heart is, and plug you in where you need to be. There is a place for you!

I will be taking my first vacation since arriving at Trinity. I will be leaving after church this Sunday, July 26, and returing on August 13. I will be driving to the East Coast to visit my children, my grandchildren, and my WIFE!  I think I remember what she looks like and it will be so good to be with her for a few days. If you have an EMERGENCY while I am gone please call the new pastor at Heritage as he will be filliing in during my absence for all emergency pastoral duties. His name is Rev. Ron Bupp and his cellphone is:  319-538-7132.

This Sunday we will be serving Holy Communion during worship. The bread and juice will be given to you in a commercially wrapped sterile package and we will all commune together. It appears right now that the weather will be fine to be outside again. Remember to bring your lawn chair, socially distance, bring water, wear a mask or pick one up at the mask table and be readky to worship.

Please call if you have any questions. My cell phone is: 540-718-9332.


Pastor Tom