Planning is on-going for this year, but for a look at what a normal year might look like, see below!

Our year of Christian Education is filled with amazing teachers, quality resources, and of course- all the learners that provide the spark of the Holy Spirit. The year kicked off Sunday, September 8, with a Rally Day Breakfast at 9:50 am. The entire congregation was invited to gather together for a celebratory fellowship and song. Following breakfast children and parents were invited to meet their teachers and see their rooms for the year, and learn about the check-in, check-out process for the little ones. Then, on September 15, 2019, it all started. You can join our classes any time! 

For Kids


PreK and Kindergarten Class

Teachers: Jessica and Abby (Starts in third floor classroom)

First and Second Grade Class

Teachers: Jodi, Todd & Renee (Starts in third floor classroom)

Curriculum for Pk through grade 2: Whirl by Augsburg Fortress

This age appropriate resource teaches children Bible stories like Noah’s arc, Joseph and his brothers, Queen Esther, Jonah, and many others delivered with relatable context and questions to help them start to think about the stories as they try to make sense of their own lives and God’s love.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Class

Teacher: Nicole, Miss Karla (Starts with music in basement fellowship hall)

Curriculum: Bible Story Basics by Abingdon Press

This is a resource put together by United Methodist clergy with lessons that touch on every book of the Bible over the course of the teaching cycle. Students will begin to develop skills finding chapters and verses and the materials take advantage of different learning styles as we work on Bible literacy.

Wednesday After School Program

Leaders: Joyce, Judy, and many other wonderful volunteers (Meets in basement fellowship hall)

This is a free program Wednesdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. for K-5 grade students on early out Wednesdays from School. Students enjoy a snack, crafts, activities, and free play. This is a free program open to all members of the community. 

For Youth

Sixth through Twelfth Grade Class

Sunday Morning Teacher: Steve (Meets in basement Youth Room at 9:50 a.m.)

A discussion based class that uses current resources to learn about where God is working in the world and in our lives. Students will be asked to connect what they’ve learned about the Bible to the lives they lead.

7th Grade Confirmation

Teacher: Rev. Wil Ranney

Meeting Wednesday Nights with a meal at 6:00 p.m. and class from 6:30-7:30, this class teaches students about the United Methodist faith, the qualities of Grace, and what it means to confirm their Baptism.

8th Grade Confirmation

Teacher: Pastor Tom Barnard

Meeting Wednesday Nights with a meal at 6:00 p.m. and class from 6:30-8:00, this class is studying the Disciple Bible Study, which was written by a United Methodist Pastor and has gone on to become the most used study in the world across denominations. Known for its ability to go uniquely in-depth in learning about the Bible, they are diving deep on their journey of affirming their Baptism.

Wednesday night Youth Group

Teacher: Ross Helgevold 

Meeting Wednesday Nights with a meal at 6:00 p.m. and gathering from 6:30-7:30, youth group focuses on difficult questions and reinforcing a faith that will someday encounter a world outside the home- where religions, theologies, philosophies, and culture will be offering up a confusing mix of answers in their young adult lives. We seek to find the skills together to take what is offered from the world in a healthy way while still knowing that we are redeemed, beloved, and enough in the eyes of God. 


For Adults

 sOn Sunday mornings there are three options for the Grown-Up people who want to make their faith-learning ongoing.

Sharing and Caring is a class that features a devotional approach to Christian learning, with the sharing of life stories and meditations. This class meets in the Conference Room by the mailbox stand at 9:50 a.m.

The Book Study class takes up books for a deeper look at characters and aspects of the Bible. They are currently in their study of C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity .

The Wired Word is a discussion class that takes current events from the news and applies relevant scripture to broaden our understanding. Often meandering to touch on objects of true meaning in the world, this class has a lot to offer at the start of your week. 

 Soul Care is based on the Class Meeting as created by John Wesley. Meets Tuesday evenings, please use the contact page if you are interest in learning more about it. 

Wednesday Noon Study is a group meeting Wednesdays for lunch at the church, spending time together in the study of the lectionary. All are welcome.  

Signs of Life is a Thursday evening study, beginning with a potluck at 5:30 and class from 6:00 to 7:00. This study takes up the signs and symbols of our shared Christian life in the world.