Updated: 9/17/21


This year, our new Christian education program “Wednesday Nite Live” has started! 

Here is our line up:

 2:00 pm

After School Program!

Since local schools have early out days on Wednesdays, Wednesday Nite Live starts right after school with an

After School program for youth K-12.  The younger youth will enjoy games, snacks, and learning about Jesus in a fun way!

The older youth will be helping fix dinner, which is served at 5:30 pm, as well as learning about Jesus as well! 

Registration for the after school program is on our main page (click the Trinity logo on the above left to go to the main page)


5:50 pm – 6:22 pm

Community Meal!

Let our youth in the after school program and our talented adult cooks prepare dinner for you!

Everyone is welcome! Free will offerings accepted!

Menu for 9/19/21:  Cider braised pork roast, oven roasted potatoes, green beans, Caesar salad, & homemade applesauce  


6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Christian Education Classes!

Our year of Christian Education is filled with amazing teachers and quality resources that provide the spark of the Holy Spirit.

You can join our classes any time!


For Children

Children Christian Education 

Pre-Kindergarten (3 & 4 Year Olds)



Kindergarten and First Grade Class



Second and Third Grade Class



This age appropriate resource teaches children Bible stories like Noah’s arc, Joseph and his brothers, Queen Esther, Jonah, and many others delivered with relatable context and questions to help them start to think about the stories as they try to make sense of their own lives and God’s love.

Fourth and Fifth Grade Class




For Youth

Youth Christian Education

Sixth through Twelfth Grade Class (Meets in basement Youth Room)



A discussion based class that uses current resources to learn about where God is working in the world and in our lives. Students will be asked to connect what they’ve learned about the Bible to the lives they lead

For Adults

Adult Christian Education

“Love Like That”

Lets be honest, how many times have you fallen short at being a good friend, a wise parent, or a self-giving spouse because you didn’t love – truely love- at the highest level? It’s tough. We are bound to fail. The bar is so high, especially if you aspire to love like Jesus, but it’s not impossible.

As followers of Jesus, we were meant to radically love those around us and give the world a gimpse of what God is like. But this is easier said than done What does it actually mean to love like Jesus? And wwhy do we so quickly get bogged down in our own selfishness, sin, and futile efforts? 

This course will be facilitated by Pastor Tom on Wednesday nights during the Christian Education Hour.

Minimum of 12 per class.

“Disciple Bible Study”

Disciple Fast Track, an adaptation of the original, best selling Disciple Bible Study, provides a viable option for busy people seeking comprehensive engagement over time with the entire biblical text. Fast Track groups meet for a total of 24 weeks, devoting 12 weeks each to the Old Testament and the New Testament. Participants read a manageable 3-5 chapters of the Bible daily in preparation for the weekly meetings, which last approximately 75 minutes. 

This course will be facilitated by Keith McClung and Pastor Tom. 

Those wishing to take the course will decide on what day/night/time to meet. This can be a ZOOM or in-person class. We need at least 10 people wanting to take the course in order for the class to be offered. 


“Words of Life”

What if the Ten Commandments were not just a set of ancient rules, but a guide to experiencing God today? 

Nearly everyone has heard of the Ten Commandments, the list of “thou-shalt-nots” found in the Bible. Jesus saw these commandments not as burdens, but as guide posts to help us experience a good and beautiful life. 

In this book of scripture and inspiration, best selling author Adam Hamilton brings modern eyes to the most important set of ethics in history. He considers the commandments in their historical context, considering the meaning of each commandment in Hebrew, unpacking how Jesus reinterpreted them, and showing how every “thou-shalt-not” was intended to point to a life-giving “thou shalt”. He explores how the latest research in science and psychology illuminates these commandments, rightly understood, as a way of ordering one’s life beautifully in the present day. In a culture marked by workaholism, materialism, and social media-driven envy, God has given us a time-tested path that leads to gratitude, confidence, and peace. 

This course will be facilitated by Julie Brutzmann during the Christian Education hour.

There will be a video and discussion of the chapter for the evening.